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Pétur Halldórsson

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Excursion on Mt. Helgafell. Our friends Kata, Fjolnir and Oskar provided us with mountain wheels.

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Up on the summit, these stone markers, in a perfect alignment to Steinkross, Mt. Tedrat and Hof, point the eye to the Pole Star.

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Mt. Thrihyrningur (Mt. Tetrad) was both a steep climb and a ride in an old trainer.

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The top peak of Mt. Tetrad. The same ideological spot as the triangle earthworks, for instance, in the Robin Hood Bower in Somerset, England. In in my book, The Measure of the Cosmos, I hope to shed some light on the different use ancient people made of the ideas manifested in various markers of the Cosmic Images in many countries.

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Me and Olla climbing the symbolic Tetrad in Iceland.