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Pétur Halldórsson

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Between the two major settlements of south-west Iceland, the settlements of Ketill Haengur in Rangarvellir and Skallagrimur in the Myrar area, is a spot in the lava field where the annual parliament of the nation was held. It seems that a 216.000 feet measure from a marker in each settlement is the basic idea for the location of the Parliament at Thingvellir
Photos: Gudmundur Ingolfsson

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The silvery grey coldness of Godasteinn on Eyjafjalla-glaser. The place marks the begining of winter on the sunwatch
Photos: Alexander Schwarz

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Photo: Alexander Schwarz

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September, close to sunset on the delta

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In the dead center of the Icelandic Cosmic Image is what appears as a perfect hexagon

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Heavens Gate Somerset. Vision from the English Mt. Helgafell, over the Longeleat House and Safari Park. See map.
Photo: Paul Collier

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Robin Hoods Bowery, Somerset. The English Thrihyrningur, Triangle, symbol of Fire, New Sun. See map.
Photo: Paul Collier

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Petur's guided tour through Thingvellir