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Pétur Halldórsson

Mound Hexagon

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One bright day in April 2010, I journeyed with a group of scientists equipped to scan the layers of earth. We were headed to a place called Steinkross in the old lava bed of Mt Hekla, in the dead center of the Cosmic Image allegedly paced on the land by Iceland’s first settlers according to Einar Pálsson’s theories of how pagan settlers hallowed land as reflected in the allegory of Njalssga. Years ago I discovered a hexagonal mound in this location, believed to be manmade and of ancient origin.

The rumble from the eruption in Eyjafjalla glacier was like a primeval scream for summer, reverberating across the Cosmic Image from Godstone to its opposide side to the symbol of summer where now is the episcopal seat Skalholt 216000 (2 x 108000) feet a way. The ancient mound we were looking at is in the middle of those two symbolic places, summer and winter. The hexagon mound under our feet was a symbol of a Cube –Matter. From it man was connected to the land, stars and to cosmic power. As man oriented himself on the face of Earth in the whirligig of its commotion and was able to make an almanac and a sunwatch, he construed a universe of a known portion and a clock to count time.

On the brim of the craters brim is a place called Godasteinn, Godstone, it marks the comming of winter on a huge sunwatch imbedded in the Cosmic Image of the area. As we did our survey in volcanic dust from the eruption, under its conspicuous mushroom cloud, it reminded us of the bomb, or when man created God and Jesus. At that time junction in history when all the world could be accommodated in the mind, the Jews came up with a brilliant solution for an invisible god whom we think is in our image because his son is just like us. Consequently with the passing of time, New Light was born in the darkest time of year, Christmas, and after that the holy father and his son allways appeared on the horizon at the symbol of advent of summer, 108000 feet northwest from the sacred center, called Skalholt in the Icelandic Cosmic Image.